Liability waivers

The liability waiver functions as an online electronic signature for your clients to agree to acknowledge policies written by you. It’s a great feature to use with MINDBODY Express, since you’ll often need clients to sign the waivers on the go. To learn how to set up the liability waiver feature, click here.

After you’ve enabled the feature, a client who hasn’t signed the waiver will be indicated by a red "no waiver" banner over their profile photo.

Signing the liability waiver

A client can sign the waiver on their own when they create an account in Consumer Mode. You can also have the client agree to the waiver in person by pulling up their client profile and tapping No Waiver.

Just hand the phone to your customer, who will read the terms of the liability waiver, and agree to and sign the waiver with their finger. A copy of the signed agreement will be saved in the client's documents for future reference.


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