Classes and Enrollments

Tap the classes and enrollments on your schedule to access the sign-in screen, from which you can check students in and register new students.

From this screen, you also have quick access to cancel students from the class, accept payment, or have students sign the liability waiver. You can even manage your waitlistcancel a single instance of the class, and substitute a teacher from this screen, too.




Signing up and signing in

To add students to the class, tap the Add a client icon at the top right. From here you can search for an existing client, or add a new client.

To sign students in to class, tap the square to the left of each student, and a checkmark will appear.

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More options: cancelling, buying, and contacting the client

Tap the More icon to the right of each student to access the following options:

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If you have enabled a waitlist for the class, then a waitlist tab will appear to the right when the class reaches maximum capacity. Tap the tab to view the waitlist. When a student enrolled in the class cancels, the waitlisted students will automatically move over to the class list. You can also tap the plus sign next to the student on the waitlist to move them directly into the class.

Please note that whether and when you can manually add students to the class from the waitlist depends on your staff permissions. Additionally, whether and when the waitlisted students will automatically move over to the class list depends on your cancellation windows.

You can also let your clients know when they’ve been added to the class from the waitlist, via email or text message with the “Reservation Added from Waitlist Notification.” Learn more about auto emails and text message notifications.

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Liability Waivers

If a new client hasn't yet signed the liability waiver, there will be a red stop sign icon next to their name. Tap the client to get to their profile, and then tap No liability waiver. Hand your device to the client, who will read the terms of the liability waiver, and then agree and sign with their finger.

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Cancelling a class

You can cancel a single instance of a class right from the sign-in screen! Just tap the More icon at the upper right:


Then, select Cancel class from the drop-down menu. You'll be asked whether you want to show the cancelled class on the schedule or not. Then, you can choose to email the staff and the registered clients by checking the boxes and tapping COMPLETE CANCELLATION.

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Teacher substitution

You can quickly change the staff member who’s teaching a class right from the sign-in screen. Just tap the More icon at the upper right.

Select Substitute Teacher from the menu. Choose a substitute teacher from the list, or search for one in the box. Staff members are listed here if they have “Instructor (for classes)” checked under Settings on their staff profile.

Then, you can choose to email the teachers (both the one unable to teach and the substitute), as well as the clients registered in the class by checking the boxes and tapping SUBSTITUTE.

The substitution is reflected on the Class Sign-In screen, as well as on the schedule.

Please note that whether you can substitute a teacher depends on your staff permissions. In order to be able to substitute a teacher, you’ll need the following staff permissions enabled:

  • Schedule substitute instructors for classes/events
  • View/edit staff member personal information

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Things to know

  • At this time, enrollments in the MINDBODY Express app will enroll clients for only one day, not the entire enrollment (regardless of your settings). Please log in to your site on a computer to enroll your client in a multi-day workshop.



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