Your MINDBODY Express™ schedule gives you a snapshot of the classes, enrollments, and appointments scheduled at your business. It allows you to quickly access class and enrollment sign-in sheets, appointment details, and more.

Your schedule will load automatically when you log in. But, if you need to find it after visiting another page, just tap the main menu button in the top left corner, and then select Schedule.

Switch between list, day, or week view screens to see what’s already booked and what’s available, all at a glance. Change the view by tapping LIST, DAY, or WEEK at the bottom of your screen.

  • List - This view gives you a list of the classes, appointments, and workshops that are booked on any day, in chronological order.
  • Day - View the services that your staff members are booked for on a selected day. Day view allows you to see when your staff members are available or unavailable for booking.
  • Week - In week view, you can see the entire week of bookings, availability, and unavailability for a selected staff member.

Note: What displays on your schedule may depend on what you have permission to view. Learn more about staff permissions.



  • On each of the schedule screens, use the calendar bar at the top to check different dates.
  • Tap the arrow button beneath the calendar bar to open up a monthly calendar. A handy feature in the monthly calendar is that it will indicate the number of weeks out you are, so you know exactly how far in advance you’re booking.
  • Tap the number bubble on the bottom left to jump back to today’s date.
  • The refresh icon will refresh and re-sync your app with your MINDBODY site.

Change staff

Control whose schedule you view by tapping the staff icon at the top of your screen.

Tap Select Staff to choose specific staff members’ schedules. On the list and day view screens, you can select multiple staff members; the week view screen allows you to select one staff member. Tap All Staff on the list and day view screens to see all staff members that are scheduled on that specific day.

Filter by service

Use the filter feature to customize what you see on the schedule. Tap the filter icon, and then select which service type you want to view. You can expand the Classes, Appointments, and Workshops menus to choose certain service categories or even more specific service types. After you make your selection, tap FILTER at the bottom of the screen.

Only the options that apply to the staff member who is logged in will show up. For example, a staff member who does not teach classes will not see the Classes filter.



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