Selling to existing clients, new clients, and walk-in clients

With MINDBODY Express™, you can create and complete sales tickets for existing, new, and walk-in clients in seconds. 




Choosing your client type and finding the Retail screen

Existing clients

Existing clients are customers that have already been entered into your system. In order to complete a sale for an existing client, you’ll first need to find him or her in the system.

Here’s how:

  • Tap the retail icon (1).
  • Search for the client by name, phone number, or email address.
  • Find the client in the search results, and tap his or her name to continue (2).
  • This will bring you to the Retail screen. 



New clients

New clients are customers who have not yet been entered into your system. In order to complete a sale for a new client, you’ll first need to add him or her into the system. 

Here’s how: 

  • Tap the retail icon (1).
  • Tap the new client icon (2).
  • Enter the client’s first name, and last name.
  • You can also enter the client’s email address and mobile phone number, if you wish (3).
  • The client will be opted in to receive emails from your business by default. However, you can tap the checkbox to opt the client out of email communication.
  • Tap the checkmark at the top right (4). This adds the client to the system and takes you to the Retail screen.



Walk-in clients

Walk-in clients are customers who only want to buy products, without setting up a client record in your system. Make sure the customer does not want to purchase services, and then proceed with the walk-in sale. 

Here’s how:

  • Tap the retail icon (1).
  • Tap the walk-in clients icon (2).
  • This brings you to the Retail screen for walk-in clients. Only products will be available for the client to buy.



Adding items to the ticket 

Top-selling items: Your top-selling items display in a list at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down through the list and tap any items you want to add to the ticket. If you want to add multiples of any items to the ticket, just tap them again. You can also hit the plus (+)or minus ()buttons next to any item’s name, once it has been added to the ticket, to adjust the quantity up or down. Note: If you are selling to a walk-in client, no services will show up in the top-sellers list.


Searching for products: To search for a product by name, click the search icon (1). Enter at least one letter of the product’s name. Then, scroll through the search results and tap any items you want to add to the ticket (2).



Using the barcode scanner: To add an item to the ticket using the barcode scanner, tap the barcode icon (1). Then, center the barcode within the guidelines. You’ll see the red scanner-line move up and across the barcode to add the item to the ticket.


If it’s difficult to see the barcode, press the flashlight icon in the right corner to illuminate it. 

Note: To learn how to add barcodes to your products in your MINDBODY system, click here.


Browsing services: To search for service pricing-options, tap the services icon (1). Then, scroll through the list and tap to select the service category the client needs to pays for (2). You’ll see a list of all available pricing options in that service category. Tap any pricing options you want to add to the ticket (3). Note: You can sell service pricing-options only to new and existing clients. Walk-in clients can buy only products.



Making changes to an open ticket

It’s easy to make changes to a ticket before checkout.

Changing quantity: To change the number of products or pricing options the client is buying, tap the plus (+)or minus ()button to adjust the quantity up or down. The number that shows up between the plus and minus buttons shows how many of each item the client is buying.

Removing items: To remove an item from a ticket before checkout, just hit the minus button () until it disappears.

Deleting a ticket: If you need to cancel the sale and get rid of the ticket, just remove all items on the ticket. 


Checking out

MINDBODY Express currently supports the following payment methods:

  • Payment cards (credit and debit)
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Prepaid gift cards
  • House account

When all items the client wants to buy have been added to the ticket, ask your client how he or she would like to pay.

  • Tap Check Out, in the top right corner (1).
  • On the Check Out screen, tap the method of payment your client wants to use (2).
  • Input the payment card information, the check number, or the amount of cash tendered. If you process payment cards, then you can use a mobile card swiper compatible with the headphone jack on your Android device.
  • Choose whether or not you want to send the client a receipt, and then set the email toggle switch to Yes or No. If it is set to Yes, and the client's email is already in your system, it will show up automatically. If not, make sure to enter the client's email in the field below (3).
  • Tap Process Sale to complete the purchase (4).



To read more about accepting payment, click here.


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