Appointment Details

In MINDBODY Express®, appointments are booked directly from the Schedule screen. Once a booking is made, you simply need to tap on the scheduled appointment to access additional management options.

Read on for a description of each of these options, where they are located on the Appointment Details screen, and how you can use them to manage your schedule.

Appointment schedule

Booked appointments on the Schedule screen display the client's name and appointment type, and are color coded according to the status of the appointment (i.e., booked, confirmed, completed, or no-show). This matches what is displayed in your MINDBODY software, so you can easily manage your schedule no matter where you are.

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Appointment details

Tap on a scheduled appointment to view additional details and see the appointment management options.

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Contact options

At the top of the screen, you'll have the option to call or email the client.

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Modifying appointments

Tap on the appointment details area, displayed in white, to modify an appointment.

This allows you to edit the following details:

  • Appointment type
  • Staff member assigned
  • Date
  • Time
  • Duration
  • Room/Resource
  • Appointment notes

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Paying for appointments

The process of checking out an appointment will differ slightly depending on whether the client has previously purchased a pricing option.

If the client has not purchased a valid pricing option, you'll see a single Check Out button in orange. Tapping this button will open a sales ticket for the client, allowing you to choose a pricing option for the appointment and complete the transaction.

If the client already has a pricing option that can pay for the appointment, then you'll see an Apply Payment button as well. This option allows you to allocate a pricing option to a future appointment without actually completing it.

If you don't need to apply payment, you can still simply tap Check Out to complete the appointment.

Click here to learn more about accepting payment.

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Adding appointment notes

If you use formula notes, you'll see them listed here. You can also add, or edit, individual appointment notes by modifying the appointment.

  • Formula notes are recurring notes stored on the client's profile.
  • Appointments notes are just for a single booking.

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Appointment Status

Tick the Confirm or Arrive checkbox at the top of the screen to change the appointment status.

These statuses are strictly informational; they will change the color of the booked appointment on your schedule, but they do not mark the appointment as completed.

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Cancelling appointments

Tap the cancel icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen to open the cancellation menu.

If the appointment has not been completed, the only option will be to early cancel. If the appointment has been completed or payment has been applied, you can also choose to late cancel the appointment.

The difference? Late cancelling deducts a session from the client's pricing option, while early cancelling does not.

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