Client profile


The Client Profile screen allows you to manage client contact information, view account details, and see purchase and visit histories.


To reach the Client Profile screen:

  1. Open the Main Menu and tap Clients.
  2. Search for an existing client, or add a new one.

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Information on the Client Profile screen

The Client Profile screen in MINDBODY Express allows you to edit many of the same details that you can when using the full MINDBODY software.

If you need to fill in a blank profile field, simply tap Add from this screen. If you need to edit multiple fields, or fill out the entire profile, just tap on the pencil icon at the top right. This makes it easier to enter all of your changes at the same time, and then save the edits when you're finished.



Contact Options

  • Tap Account to see the client's unpaid classes, pricing options, purchase history, and any outstanding account balance. Click here to learn more about the Account Detail screen.
  • Tap Schedule to see the client's upcoming schedule and visit history. Click here to learn more about the Client Schedule screen.
  • Tap the pencil icon at the top right if you need to make changes to multiple parts of the client's account.
  • Call: Dials the client's stored phone number. If multiple phone numbers are saved, you can choose which number to call.
  • Message: Launches your messaging application with the client's mobile phone number pre-filled. If multiple phone numbers are saved, it will default to the client's mobile number.
  • Email: Launches your email application with the client's email address pre-filled.
  • Buy: Opens a new ticket at the Retail screen. Requires that staff members have permission to complete retail transactions.
  • If you use liability waivers, and the liability waiver has not been completed, tap the No Waiver banner over the client's profile photo. This will allow the client to agree to and sign your waiver using the MINDBODY Express app.


Personal Info

  • Add and edit the client's name, gender, and birthday.
  • Referred by: Add and edit the client's referral information.
  • Relationships: Displays any assigned relationships. You cannot add or edit relationships through the Android version of MINDBODY Express app at this time. Click here for an explanation of each client relationship.


Contact Info

  • Email: Enter and edit the client's email address. Once entered, tap on this field to quickly email the client, enter a different email address, or copy the address to your clipboard.
  • Phone numbers: Enter and edit the client's phone numbers. Once entered, tap on this field to quickly call or text the client, enter a different phone number, or copy the number to your clipboard.
  • Reminders and notifications: Opts clients into informational notifications (e.g., the appointment reminder email). Also allows you to choose whether clients will receive notifications via email, text, or both.
  • Newsletters and promotions: Opts clients into marketing notifications (e.g., the birthday email).
  • Home address: Tapping on the pin icon will open the client's address in Google Maps.


Client Indexes





  • Enter a short message about the customer's profile. These will appear at the top of the client's profile.


Formula Notes


Emergency Contact Info

  • Secondary contact information for emergency contacts.


Billing Info

  • Store the client's credit or debit card.

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