Sales report

You can view your sales records easily in MINDBODY Express™.

  1. Tap Sales in the main menu.
  2. You’ll see the total for each day's sales, in cash and accrual basis. You can also see the details of each completed sale, including the sale time, the client’s name, the item purchased, and the total ticket cost. Note that the Sales report defaults to display sales for all locations. If you want to view data for a specific location, just tap All Locations at the top, and then select a location. To see your online sales, choose Online Store as the location. The locations are you able to view depend on your staff permissions. Learn more about staff permissions.
  3. Tap a sale to view the client’s name and ID number, the sale ID, the names of the items purchased, the tax charged, and the payment method used. If the client has paid by credit card, and the sale total is less than the amount noted in the Payment Method box at the bottom of the screen, it means a tip was included with the sale.
  • Note: The Sales report calculates totals in accrual and cash basis accounting, and Tips are included.




Returns can be made only when you log in to your site via computer, but you can view them in MINDBODY Express.

Return sales will display “Return Sale” in red and you can tap the sale to see the details of the return sale. You can also tap View Original Sale at the bottom to view the original sale record.



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