Reconciling unpaid visits

If a client registered as unpaid for one or more classes, and now needs to pay for the owed sessions, you can reconcile these unpaid visits from the Account Details screen or from the Class Sign-In Screen. If a client needs to purchase a pass without reconciling a class, you can do so from the Retail screen.

Please note that the MINDBODY Express app can only check out unpaid classes scheduled under one service category at a time. If your business schedules classes under multiple service categories, and you need to check out all of these unpaid visits in a single transaction, please see our "Reconciling unpaid visits for multiple service categories" article.

Reconciling unpaid visits from the Account Details screen

  1. Open the Main Menu and tap Clients.
  2. Search for an existing client, or add a new one.
  3. Tap Account below the client's profile image.
  4. Tap any one of the Pay buttons under Unpaid Classes.
  5. Select each class the client would like to pay for today, then tap Next.
  6. Choose the pricing option(s) the client would like to purchase, then tap Check Out.

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Why am I not seeing all of my pricing options at checkout?

When reconciling classes, the MINDBODY Express app will only display those pricing options in your selected service category, and with sufficient sessions to pay for those classes.

If you offer Advanced Yoga classes, for instance, you will not see Beginner Yoga pricing options when checking out those classes. Similarly, you won't have the option to sell a single-visit pricing option when reconciling two or more visits.

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