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Wireless internet down? Java issues with a recent browser update?

With MINDBODY Express® and your Android phone, you can keep your business running even when your normal receipt printing solution fails.

It's important to understand that MINDBODY Express is not designed to replace your desktop or laptop computer. There are limitations to printing through the app — this option is only available from the Client Profile screen, and a wired connection is required.

It may not replace your computer, but it's a great backup when you want to print a receipt now, and troubleshoot your printer later.

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Required hardware

Receipt printing in MINDBODY Express® requires the use of a USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable, a printer, and your mobile phone.

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Can I print with the TSP 100 receipt printer purchased from MINDBODY?


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What is a USB OTG cable and why do I need one?

Basically, a USB cable allows a source device to transmit information to a receiving device. This typically means your source device, such as a printer or mobile phone, is connected on one end to your computer on the other end.

A USB OTG cable is a type of adapter that directly connects two USB devices to one another. For the purposes of printing in MINDBODY Express, a USB OTG cable thus allows you to connect a printer to your mobile phone, without the need for a computer.

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Where can I buy a USB OTG cable?

MINDBODY does not sell USB OTG cables, but they can be purchased from most major electronics stores and online retailers.

When purchasing a USB OTG cable, make sure the connector matches the charging port on your phone. In most cases, this means you will need a USB to Micro-USB adapter, although a few modern phones now use the USB Type-C connector.

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Who do I contact for more information?

For information on which charging port is used on your device, or if you require assistance in connecting your printer via USB OTG, please contact the manufacturer directly — MINDBODY cannot provide technical support for third-party vendor products and services.

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Can I print over my wireless network?

Not at this time.

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Can I print a receipt when completing a sale?

Not at this time. You can, however, follow the instructions below to print a receipt from the Account Details screen after the sale is completed. Click here to learn more.

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How to print a receipt in MINDBODY Express

MINDBODY Express will only recognize your receipt printer when it is plugged directly into your phone via a USB OTG cable. Before printing, make sure the following steps have been completed:

  • Your receipt printer is turned on and connected to your phone via a USB OTG cable.
  • When connecting your printer to your phone, you must select the "Use by default for this USB device" prompt.

Once connected, you can print receipts for past sales from the Purchases section of the Account Details screen.

  1. Open the Main Menu and tap Clients.
  2. Search for an existing client, or add a new one.
  3. Tap Account below the client's profile image.
  4. Swipe down, then select an individual purchase.
  5. Tap View Receipt at the bottom of the purchase details screen.
  6. Tap the Printer icon at the top right.
  7. Select your connected printer to print the receipt.

Please note that the electronic signatures captured when processing a sale by credit card are not shown in MINDBODY Express. To view or print a receipt with this signature included, you must log in to the full MINDBODY software.

Click here to learn more.

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